Calibration Services

Offering calibration services of excellent quality. Calibration Services is a key business unit of acon calibration and instruments trading. Our accredited laboratory, as per ISO 17025 standard, is equipped with the latest technology to cater to a wide range of industries. Through this, we help businesses ensure and optimise the control parameters on their equipment which directly impacts the quality of production. In addition to calibration services, we also offer validation and inspection, audit support, uncertainty training and measurement, consultancy, lab resourcing and development, and internal audits.

Consistently adding value to customer experience has been our first priority since the earliest days of operation. While assuming a competitive edge helps us thrive in a volatile market, it is the former that ensures people’s enduring faith in our services and offerings. Out of the hundreds of calibration service providers in the country, we continue to stand out by bringing together technical prowess, energy efficiency, and customised solutions under a harmonised portfolio.

Electro Technical including RF Calibration

In Electrical, customers conducting testing/ measurements are dealing with people's safety and they are carrying an extended duty of care not only ensuring that the equipment’s are safe, but that it is fit for purpose and not posing serious risk to others and public in general.

Electrical instrument calibration involves the use of precise devices that evaluate the performance of key properties for other devices called “Unit Under Calibration” (UUCs). Because these precise devices have thoroughly known performance characteristics compared to the UUC, performance evaluation and/or calibration adjustment of the UUC to identify or minimize errors is possible.

Our Electro-technical calibration services are equipped to calibrate almost every electrical parameter covering basic working level instruments like ammeter / voltmeter to Multifunction calibrators & 8½ digit multimeters.

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  • Multifunction Calibrator / Meter- AC/ DC Voltage, AC/DC Current - Resistance, Frequency, Capacitance - Inductance, Power, Current - Oscilloscope, Temperature Simulation

  • Multimeter / Clamp Meter- 3 ½ to 8 ½ digits

  • Function Generator - Frequency, Power level up to 3GHz

  • Shunts - AC/DC current up to 120A

  • Decade Inductance Box - Inductance 100μH to 10H

  • Decade Capacitance Box- Capacitance 1pF to 1 F

  • Megger/ Insulation Tester- 10 TΩ (Up to 5 kV)

  • V. Tester/ Surge Tester/ Sequential Analyser- 100 kV AC/DC

  • Tachometer / Stroboscope- 80 to 99999 rpm

  • Timer/Stopwatch- Up to 24 hrs

  • Single Phase Power Analyser- AC/ DC Volts, Current and Power Factor

  • Single/ Three Phase Energy Meter- 60V to 240V /0.2A to 5A (12W to 4.8 kW)

  • Decade Resistance box- Up to 10 GΩ

Thermal Calibration Services

Calibrating instruments that measure temperature is crucial to the functioning of various industries, from healthcare to manufacturing. Fixed points are among the most accurate devices available for defining a temperature scale. Moreover, fixed point cells are designed to realize the liquid-solid equilibrium temperatures of certain high-purity metal elements. They are used in the calibration of thermometers at ITS-90 fixed points.

We have the capacity to calibrate SPRT/PRT using the primary method (fixed point cell). In addition, we also offer calibration services of various sensors, ovens, autoclaves, and chambers for temperature and humidity parameters, covering a range of -196 degree Celsius to 1200 degree Celsius.



Autoclave Calibration

Temperature Calibration by Comparison method

Dew point Meter Calibration

Dew point comparison


Temperature and Humidity by comparison

Dry Block Furnace Calibration

Temperature by comparison

Glass Thermometer Calibration

Temperature Calibration

Humidity Chamber Calibration

Humidity mapping with data logger

Incubator Calibration

Temperature Calibration


Pyrometer Calibration)

Temperature Calibration

Oil Bath Calibration

Temperature, stability and Uniformity (Axial and Radial)

Oven Calibration

Temperature by comparison

Soldering Iron

Temperature Calibration

Temperature Indicator or Controller without sensor Calibration

Temperature by comparison

Temperature Chamber/Bath Calibration

Temperature Mapping, Temperature Uniformity Survey, System

Temperature Indicator with Sensor Calibration

Temperature by comparison

Temperature Sensor Calibration

Temperature by comparison

Universal wear Tester Pressure


Water Bath Calibration

Temperature by comparison

Mechanical Calibration

As you can see, the breadth of our capabilities allows us to respond to the diverse mechanical calibration which covers sub-parameters Dimension, Pressure, Mass & Volume, Force, Torque, etc.

Our calibration ensures that their equipment and instruments will perform at their optimal level, every time.



Bevel Protractor Calibration

Angle measurement Scale and Acute angle flatness and Parallelism

Caliper Checker Calibration

External/Internal and Height measurement

Centre Distance Gauge Calibration

Linear calibration

Centrifuge Calibration

Speed Calibration

Coating Thickness Gauge Calibration

Linear error and foils thickness measurement

Combination Set Calibration

Angular scale, Flatness of scales

Cylindrical Setting Master Calibration

Calibration of Outside Diameter Min and Max reading

Depth Micrometer Calibration

Linear measurement

Dial Bore Gauge / Bore gauge Calibration

Diameter measurement

Dial Calibration Tester Calibration

Linear measurement and Flatness of spindle

Dial Comparator Calibration

Linear measurement and Flatness of spindle

Dial Depth Caliper Calibration

Linear measurement

Dial Thickness Gauge Calibration

Turns, sensitivity, hysteresis and repeatability

Digimatic Height Gauge Calibration

Linear measurement

Engineers Parallel /Rectangular Block Calibration

Thickness, width and parallelism calibration

Extensometer Calibration

Linear Measurement

Feeler Gauge Set Calibration

Thickness measurement

Glass Scale Calibration

Linear Measurement

Groove Micrometer Calibration

Linear measurement

Hegman gauge Calibration

Thickness measurement

Hydrometer Calibration

Linear scale by cuckoos method

Inside Dial Caliper Calibration

Inside Dial Caliper, Outside Dial Caliper, Pistol Caliper

LENGTH BAR Calibration

Calibration using slip gauge set and electronic comparator with probe.

Length Measuring Machine (LMM) Calibration

Calibration Using K Grade Slip gauge set

Lever Dial Indicator Calibration

Lever Dial Indicator Calibration

Load cell with Indicator Calibration

Only Compression Mode calibration

Machine Elongation (Traverse Length) Calibration

Machine Elongation (Traverse Length)

Machine Speed (Traverse Speed) Calibration

Machine Speed (Traverse Speed)

Micrometer Head Calibration

Basic micrometer calibration

Optical Flats and Parallels Calibration

Checked for Flatness

Measuring Tape Calibration

Calibration as per standard

Pin Gauge Set Calibration

Diameter Minimum and Maximum

Plain Ring Gauge Calibration

Plain Ring Gauge

Plunger Dial Indicator Calibration

Turns, sensitivity, hysteresis and repeatability

Profile Projector Calibration

Linear-X and Y-10 points Angle

Radius Gauge Set Calibration

Per radius or per pitch

Scale Calibration

linear measurement

Sine Bar Calibration

Parallelism Center Distance Angle

Slip Gauge Accessories Calibration

Calibration of flatness and parallelism

Slip Gauge Calibrator Calibration

Calibration using bridge and slip gauge set (error calculation)

Slip Gauge Set Calibration

Thickness measurement

Snap Gauge Calibration

Size measurement for Min and Max reading (Snap Gauge/ Gap Gauge (Go and No-go))

Sound Level Meter Calibration

Acoustic sound at fixed points

Spirit Level /Electronic Blue level Calibration

LHS and RHS calibration

Straight Edge Calibration

Straightness Measurement

Surface Plate Calibration

Flatness measurement

Surface Roughness Master Calibration

Torque Wrench CalibrationRoughness calibration

Tachometer Calibration

Speed Calibration

Tape and Scale Calibrator Calibration

Linear error

Taper Scale Calibration

Thickness measurement

Test Sieves Calibration

Graticule length measurement

Thread Measuring Wire Calibration

Diameter Measurement Minimum and Maximum

Thread Plug Gauge Calibration

Major Diameter, Effective Diameter- Minimum and Maximum.

Thread Ring Gauge Calibration

Effective Diameter- Minimum and Maximum.

Torque Wrench Calibration

Torque Wrench Calibration at 20% 60% 100% of full range as per standard

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Calibration

Linear measurement

V Anvil Micrometer Calibration

Linear measurement

V Block Calibration

Flatness Parallelism Perpendicular

Vernier Caliper Calibration

internal/external jaw and flatness and parallelism error

Vernier Height Gauge Calibration

Linear measurement

Vibration Meter Calibration

Calibration of Acceleration, Velocity and displacement

Weld Fillet Gauge Calibration

Radius Measurement

Width Gauge Calibration

Actual size go/no-go

Wire Gauge Calibration

Gap measurement

Impact Testing Machine Calibration

Impact Testing machine Charpy

Push Pull Meter Calibration

Calibration in push and pull mode

Spring Testing Machine Calibration

Spring Testing Machine Calibration

Univeral Testing Machine Calibration

Compression Mode (Universal / Tensile / Compression Testing Machine)

Brinell Hardness Tester Calibration

Indirect and Test Force Verification

Load Verification of Hardness tester Calibration

Load verification with Indirect calibration

Micro Vickers Hardness tester Calibration

Indirect Verification

Optical Brinell Hardness Tester Calibration

Indirect and Test Force Verification

Rockwell Hardness Tester Calibration

Indirect Verification

Rubber Hardness Tester Calibration

Shore A, D, AO, AM type, Calibration by Spring force / Indentation depth calibration method

Vicker Hardness Tester Calibration

Indirect and Test Force Verification

Loose Weight Calibration

Loose Weight Calibration

Spring Balance

Calibration checked for linear error, repeatability, hysteresis and eccentricity

Weighing Scale / Weighing Balance Calibration

Calibration checked for linear error, repeatability, hysteresis and eccentricity

Weight Set Calibration

Analytical Weight Box calibration

Dispenser Calibration

Volume Calibration

Measuring Cylinder Jar Calibration

Volume Calibration

Micropipette Calibration

Volume Calibration

Pipette and Measuring Cylinder Calibration

Volume Calibration

Volumetric Flask Calibration

Volume Calibration

Pressure Calibration Services

Pressure calibration refers to the comparison of the output of a device that measures pressure with that of another pressure-measuring device or standard. The process involves plumping the Device Under Test (DUT) to the standard device and generating a common degree of pressure in the measurement circuit.

We use fundamental pressure standards, such as piston gauges, with traceability through a national metrology institute. The procedures are conducted in our fully-equipped pressure calibration laboratory, which is optimized to produce the highest level of accuracy. Our scope of work includes calibrating all secondary / working level instruments like Dead Weight Testers (Gauge / Absolute / Vacuum), Pressure Calibrators, Test Gauges, and Pressure Transmitters / Gauges ranging from small pressures of only a few Pascal in value to high pressures up to 2000 bars.



Barometer Calibration

Barometer Calibration

Compound Gauge Calibration

Compound gauge calibration (Accuracy Above 0.2%FSD)

Pressure and Vacuum calibration

Dead weight tester Calibration

Calibration facility for Dead Weight Tester for single piston or dual piston and hydraulic or pneumatic by Area method and Pressure Method

Digital Pressure Gauge Calibration

Digital Pressure Gauge calibration accuracy from 0.01% and above

Digital Pressure gauge, Indicator, Controller, Transmitter (Hydraulic and Pneumatic)

Manometer Calibration

Manometer Calibration

Pressure Calibrator Calibration

2 sensor calibration

Pressure Gauge Calibration

Pressure Gauge calibration accuracy from 0.01% and above

Pressure switch Calibration

Calibration of Set points

Vacuum and Pressure Controller Calibration

Calibration using Low pressure controller

Vacuum Gauge Calibration

Vacuum gauge calibration above 0.025%FSD

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