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Technical support

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The competence of our service specialists enables us to offer wide-ranging services for technical problems around the world. This ranges from technical support and delivery of spare parts to regular maintenance work and repairs in the event of a fault, up to annual calibration of devices.

In addition, we offer regular training sessions for the efficient and correct use of our devices. Please contact us if you would like to book individual training sessions.


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Exact measurement results are essential, as they provide a reliable basis for informed decisions and quality control procedures in order to ensure the highest quality products, processes, or services.

To achieve accurate measurement results you need calibrated test sets. However, the accuracy of each device can change over the course of a product's life, which is why regular calibration is necessary to detect any changes early on. Adjustment can also help to reduce any device deviation back to a minimum.

In addition to factory calibrations, we can now also offer accredited calibrations according to ISO/IEC 17025 in our calibration laboratory in Sulz.

Professional service for our customers

Your wish is our highest priority

We offer a comprehensive range of services worldwide that are performed by highly qualified specialists. This includes technical support, delivery of spare parts, maintenance, and annual calibrations of your BAUR devices, and repair in the event of faults, as well as training on the use of our devices.

Our objective is to provide you with first-class customer service that is tailored to your individual needs. Our service specialists have comprehensive technical expertise and many years of experience. Contact us to book a service appointment.

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Secure your investment

You know your goal -- we help you to achieve it

LPKF is renowned for worldwide leadership in designing easy-to-use, world class laser products specifically tailored to customer needs. From this leadership vantage point, LPKF is uniquely able to provide customers with worldwide premium customer support.

Service packages

The entry level

  • Fast response time for minimizing downtime of your machine

  • Qualified support via e-mail and phone

  • Remote support free of charge

The next step

  • Probability of failure decreases significantly

  • Preventive maintenance secures your investment

  • Easy planning with scheduled maintenance

  • Basic package included

The comprehensive package

  • Full service and complete cost control

  • Highest uptime of your machine

  • Warranty up to 5 years possible

  • Basic and Classic package included

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The source for Calibration Professionals

Isotech has solutions for all calibration needs, from Primary Laboratories maintaining National Standards to the needs of field engineers calibrating industrial sensors on site.

BCS (British calibration Service) approval was applied for in 1985 and granted in 1986 for temperature and electrical measurements.

BCS later merged with NATLAS (National Testing Laboratory Accreditation Service) to form NAMAS (National Measurement Accreditation Service), which the Laboratory then became accredited to.

In 1995 NAMAS merged with NACCB (National Accreditation Council for certified Bodies) to form UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) to which the Laboratory is still accredited (Accreditation No. 0175).

Isotech Expertise

Primary Standards

  • ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells

  • Triple Point of Argon (-189.3442°C) through to the Freezing Point of Copper (1084.62°C)

Standard Thermometers

  • -200°C to 1600°C

Ratio Bridges and Standard Resistors

  • Can measure to less than 50 µK (0.000 050 °C)

  • Bridge performance verified with Ratio Bridge Calibrator, RBC.

Secondary Equipment

  • Comparison Equipment

  • -196°C to 1300°C

  • Uncertainties to less than 5 mK, 0.005°C

Industrial Calibrators

  • Dry Blocks and Portable Calibrators

  • -100°C to 1200°C

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TESA Services

At TESA we believe that customer service is essential.

Our Service activities have been designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. Our headquarter provides qualified staff profiting from the experience and expertise that TESA has developed in the field for more than 75 years and is equipped to provide deliver efficient and dynamic service activities.

Services offered:

Calibration: To keep your tools accurate, TESA will check and calibrate your equipment and issue an official SCS (Swiss Calibration) certificate or TESA measuring report.

Repairs: Your handtool or height gauge needs repairing, TESA will rapidly provide solutions whether your equipment is under warranty or not. These include product repairs, exchanges and rentals.

Warranty extensions are offered on specific products by simply registering your tool on-line.

Product Support: Product application and technical assistance, as well as documentation and tutorials are available for TESA equipment.

Training: A large pallet of trainings and tutorials have been created to answer your needs. These include operations training at installation; in-depth product applications training at TESA Headquarters as well as on-site and tailor-made trainings.

Maintenance: For your peace of mind, TESA proposes preventive maintenance agreements to prolong the life and ensure accuracy of your equipment.

Product Customization: If you have specific measuring requirements, TESA has a dedicated team of engineers that will customize tools to fulfil your needs.

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Acoustic calibration from Cirrus Research

Our 5 star-rated acoustic calibration laboratory offers a 5-day turnaround service for all makes and models of sound and occupational vibration instruments so you can rely on your equipment to give you the accuracy you need when you need it.

We offer both UKAS-accredited and traceable calibration services. We test every single component of your instrument both acoustically and electronically, and every parameter is verified against international standards to assure you your meters remain compliant with legislation and best practice.

Cirrus Research can calibrate any make or model of instruments including:

  • Sound level meters

  • Noise dosimeters

  • Acoustic calibrators

  • Environmental noise monitors

  • Vibration meters

Including models made by Casella, Svantek, Castle Group, Norsonic, and Bruel and Kjaer and many more manufacturers.

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Technical Support

Our technical team supports our customers and our distributors’ network at all times with our long experience, expert advice and the unlimited spirit to always providing the best customer service.

Our technical support is translated in different ways to helping you at any time to both finding the best solutions and answers to your questions regarding our equipment, software and related applications, and for quickly solving any problem you ever experience with your SMC equipment or any service work required such as device calibration or any other maintenance:

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Multi-Brand OEM Compliant Calibration

We understand that your equipment lineup might consist of various brands. No matter the brand, we guarantee consistent accuracy and adherence to manufacturer specifications, ensuring your instruments perform at their peak all with a one stop convenience for your calibration needs.

  • OEM Specification Compliance: With Tektronix, you can trust that your instruments are calibrated following the exact calibration points and procedures published or recommended by the instrument OEM.

  • Broad Range of Instrument Brands: From industry leaders to niche manufacturers, we have the knowledge and experience to calibrate a wide array instruments from various OEMs, making us the go-to calibration partner for your diverse equipment lineup.

  • Full Range of Calibration Service Delivery Options Available: We will work with you to customize service delivery option that works best for you. Currently offering:

  1. In-lab

  2. periodic onsite

  3. permanent onsite

  4. virtual onsite

  5. mobile lab

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