Company Overview

A B2B solutions provider for Test and Measuring Instruments. At acon calibration and instruments trading, we believe in going beyond just “selling” a product, but ensuring that we offer you an end- to-end solution. Ours is a holistic approach, from evaluating customer needs through to on-site deployment, we partner with you ensuring that you “get the job done “.

Equipped with dedicated sales staff, stock, a fleet of delivery vehicles and an established supply chain, we are well positioned to meet your industrial supply requirements throughout Qatar.

We offer a range of high-quality innovative brands that represent the best in each of our product categories. Most of these brands have a strong legacy of innovation some of which continues for 100 years. These brands are leaders in their respective product category and help our customers tirelessly get the job done.

We provide Technical Sales, Service and support to the Oil & gas, Education, Power, Medical, Utilities, Construction, Shipping, Research, Military, Food, Contracting, Energy, Research, facility Management, Veterinary, Production, Manufacturing and various businesses and institutions in the state of Qatar on everyday basis. The breadth and availability of product line is a key factor that differentiates acon calibration and instruments trading from other vendors. We carry more than 2,000 products in different product categories in stock to provide our valued customers.

Accessibility to our full-fledged Calibration lab is an added advantage. Calibration, Repair, Service and Training services are offered for all of the products through our Principals. Our team is always available to discuss technical issues and suggest effective solutions.

Our strength lies in consolidation. Our broad product line and wide networks enable us to meet customer requirements in totality. For products not in our product portfolio, we source and ship based on customer's requirements. We have thus obtained a reputation as a vendor of choice so that our clients can focus on their core business.

acit Shared Purpose, Values and Business System

acit is built on a strong foundation. Our shared purpose—essential technology for the people who accelerate progress—was born of a legacy of rich innovation and extraordinary teams within our organization. Our longstanding commitment to integrity is also central to our success. These principles define acit and remind us that how we work is just as important as what we accomplish. We work together with Brands to accelerate the pace of progress and to make a difference. We are firmly committed to building our business with integrity, and dealing honestly and fairly with our employees, customers, business partners, Governance & Leadership Team and competitors. Our shared purpose is why we’re here. And our five values are how we do it

Continuous improvement, fuels our determination to find a better way. With the acit Business System as our foundation, we embrace experimentation, learn from our successes and failures, grow as individuals and teams, and always seek to improve.

Our teams are passionate, focused, and relentlessly driving improvement and winning through acit Business System. We continue to demonstrate the power and use of acit Business System across our company—from breakthrough innovations to a leadership offering that builds extraordinary teams. We will continue to drive results through our passion to always be better.

  • Empower Our Talented Team to Contribute in Meaningful Ways. We believe in our employee’s potential and their ability to learn, grow, and make an impact—in any role and at every level. Our goal is to apply the acit commitment to continuous improvement to our employee experience.
  • We are committed to ensuring a safe, secure working environment for all of our employees.
  • We believe in growth and invest in our people to make it happen. We are always leaning into the next challenge, imagining the next breakthrough, and designing the next innovation.
  • Developing yourself means going out of your comfort zone, but you know you’ve got people behind you, supporting you. And they’re not there to watch you fall. They are there to challenge you. If you don’t build the team, you won’t get the results.
  • At acit, we believe in the benefits of working as a team. We believe that together we can seize opportunities, imagine breakthroughs, and partner with world’s next innovations. Each and every day, we take on big challenges to make a real impact. We’re customer obsessed and work to deeply understand customers' needs and create solutions that matter.
  • Create Positive Impacts in Our Communities. From day one, we have worked to ensure our team members can have direct and meaningful impact in the communities where we live and work.
  • Extraordinary teams act with integrity. Integrity and compliance are fundamental to our shared success

  • Integrity, Compliance and Risk Management. Winning with integrity is a key component of the acit culture, and part of our value proposition to Leadership Team, customers, employees, and business partners. At acit we believe that upholding the highest ethical standards is essential to our future and continued success.
  • Competing for shareholders keeps us on task, always looking for the most efficient ways to improve our company’s performance. The better we serve our customers, the more value we create, to fuel innovation and growth for our business. This helps us keep loyal shareholders and employees, for the long haul.
  • We compete for shareholders reminds us that our stakeholders—shareholders, customers and fellow employees—want to be associated with a company that operates with the highest ethical standards.

  • acit business represent the very best of their industries. Individually, they have long histories of innovating to solve their customers’ most pressing challenges. Together, they deliver essential technology that accelerates progress in a range of dynamic and exciting fields.
  • We Partner with Brands that specialize supply of high-tech equipment, components, software and services to automate industrial processes & provide high-end diagnostics; in advanced measurement & monitoring to keep critical infrastructure up and running; turn innovative concepts into finished products; deliver offline & connected hardware and software solutions that keep critical industrial, power and health infrastructure running smoothly, without interruption; make precise operational measurements possible by combining material science with innovative hardware & software; offer mobile distribution of high-end instruments and diagnostic equipment.
  • When it’s time to convert breakthrough concepts into finished products, our product realization businesses supply engineers with the tools, modules, software and services to get it done.

  • Continuous improvement, means we can always do better. It’s the reason we never settle. This commitment to better is the key to our growth and deeply ingrained in our culture: learning from our successes and failures, growing as individuals and teams, and always looking for ways to improve.
  • The thing we like about Continuous improvement is that everyone gets the chance to have their say about what changes they want to implement.
  • Success at acit doesn't just happen. We have a proven system for achieving it, based on the concept of continuous improvement at the heart of our values. We call it the acit Business System.
  • acit Business System is the foundation of everything we do. It guides how we grow our portfolio, how we drive strong results across our business segments, and how we develop our people. It inspires us to be and do better.
  • Every acit employee has the opportunity to learn and apply the powerful acit Business System toolkit to create real value for our customers and shareholders. It shapes a dynamic environment of unending learning and growth. It is the cornerstone of our shared culture and a powerful competitive advantage. It drives every aspect of our work. We use acit Business System to guide our decisions, assess what’s working and what’s not, and accelerate breakthrough innovation.
  • At acit, acit Business System powers a dynamic cycle. Our extraordinary teams are inspired by proven tools and processes that drive continuous improvement, innovations that serve our customers and superior performance for our shareholders. Superior performance and high expectations create a strong culture energized by opportunities for limitless learning and growth, which attracts extraordinary people to continue the cycle.
  • Our teams are relentlessly focused on driving improvement and winning through acit Business Systems. We continue to demonstrate the power and use of acit Business System across our company – from improving Brand Portfolio to a leadership offering that builds extraordinary teams. We will continue to drive results through our passion to always be better.
  • Future - Of course, this deep commitment to continuous improvement means that acit Business System itself is always evolving. After all, our customers, and the technologies they depend on, are moving faster than ever before. acit Leadership team are piloting new methods to manage risk and increase the pace of breakthrough innovation, so we are ready to lead our customers to new and better solutions and services.

  • Providing Innovative Products and Services to serve the QATAR market.
  • Our customers’ goals are our inspiration. Our shared goal is to make QATAR stronger, safer, and better by providing our customers with technologies that assist them in achieving sustainable outcomes, predicting harmful equipment failures before they occur, saving lives, and improving health. Our Partner product innovations help our customers accelerate meaningful impact.
  • Our story is intertwined with our customer’s. Their goals are our inspiration. Our Partner Product innovations are their path to success. Together, we make each other better.
  • Customer success is really OUR success. If the brand we represent come up with a new feature, a new product, improve our service, we are improving our customer’s performance. And our success is measured through that.
  • Source Responsibly. We are committed to responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain. We recognize that our customers and our stakeholders care not only about the value of our products, but also about how those products are produced.

Our Approach

Holistic Perspective

We go beyond selling products; we're committed to solving your challenges.


We meet your industrial supply needs in Qatar with expertise and efficiency..

Premium Brands

We proudly offer high-quality,
innovative brands.

Extensive Product Line

Our diverse catalog offers 2,000+ products for your convenience.

Calibration Excellence

Access our Calibration lab for an enhanced service experience.

Strength in Consolidation

We meet your needs comprehensively, sourcing products to earn your trust.

Our vision is to offer a complete range of high-quality industrial test and measurement instruments and solutions to help get the job done.

Reliable and innovative products and services

Our Mission

  • Offering reliable and innovative products and services
  • Providing exceptional quality and value to our customers
  • Empowering our employees to achieve their full potential
  • Developing lasting partnerships with our principals and suppliers
  • Generating long-term value for all our stakeholders

Our values

  • Excellence We value in providing the best
  • Leadership We value positive attitude
  • Integrity We value every relationship
  • Adaptability We value change
  • Teamwork We value succeeding as a group while excelling as individuals

Our core values

  • We promise to maintain and excel in our role as market leaders in Qatar.
  • It is acon calibration and instruments trading calling to not only exercise our commitment, but to embrace our interactive nature, creativity and to fulfil all our promises.
  • Our passion and drive will aid the growth and development of what we hold dearest; first, and foremost, you, our customers, our partners, our company, QATAR and ourselves.
  • We assure all clients that acon calibration and instruments trading‘s quality will always meet expectations.


acon calibration and instruments trading is committed to provide excellence in Sales of Industrial instruments and Calibration service of Test and Measuring instruments.

We aim to create sustained value for all stakeholders through:

  • Consistently providing customer value and satisfaction in product and service through timely delivery and listening to our customer.
  • Ensuring a world-class leadership and employee development.
  • Maintaining good brands and products by performing annual evaluation of our suppliers.
  • Complying with the legal requirements of local authorities and to continually improve the Quality Management System.

Corporate Responsibility

Beyond our commercial activities, we are deeply committed to the community in Qatar. We actively support social, charitable, and artistic initiatives that align with our vision. Our training programs empower our team members to improve their skills, and we encourage volunteering to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Additionally, we sponsor events and projects that promote Qatari talent and cultural development.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
(QHSE) Policy

We, at acon calibration & instruments trading (acit) are committed to Trading and Calibration services of Test and Measuring Instruments to the customers to their complete satisfaction.

The Governance & Leadership Team of acit holds Quality, Health, Safety & Environment as a core business value and it is committed to provide Safe Healthy Working Environment and to prevent pollution.

We shall achieve this by :

  • Maintain and Improve quality based on Internal and International Standards.
  • Standardization of Laboratory Services.
  • Understanding and striving to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers, employees and other interested parties.
  • Effective implementation of Integrated Management System and demonstrating Continual Improvement in all our Processes.
  • Develop a motivated and competent workforce with a sense of pride in the organization, which will lead us toward being the best credible organization in the market.
  • Identification and evalution of all Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) hazards and the management of these risks to reduce their impacts to acceptable level.
  • Demonstrate and promote safety, pollution prevention, environmental preparedness and waste minimization in all work related activities.
  • Progressively reduce the environmental and health impacts of its operations by reducing emissions, effluents discharges/wastes and improve efficient use of natural resources and energy.
  • Complying with all relevant Environmental, Health & Safety Legal and other applicable requirements.
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